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Who are the best Christmas event companies in London for organisation and delivery?

We love questions when we network online or in person, one topic is easy to answer when people ask “What sets you apart from other event management companies?”.

Flexibility; we are able to accommodate last minute bookings, and if this is you, please do contact us today for your 2023 Christmas award ceremony or corporate party celebration.

There’s a little sideways thinking here, to work our logic around the different answers to this question.

Who is the best UK event organiser in terms of trust, equipment, general organisation and how does it matter what type of event it is?

Neil Morris, our Managing Director smiles. “As an events producer with four decades of experience, I can attest that live events are integral to spreading holiday cheer and bringing communities together during the festive season. From perfectly timed and placed light shows to lively Christmas markets, these productions foster a sense of togetherness and remind us of the magic of the holidays as kids ourselves.”

When planning a Christmas event, either outside or inside, what occasions could they be for?

  • A Christmas party for a local business with a couple of hundred employees
  • Family festive gala for a non-profit organisation with a crowd of supporters for fundraising purposes
  • Lavish Christmas party celebrations for an Awards ceremony for a wide network of clients, from hundreds to thousands
  • Charitable Christmas concerts with popular performers – and sold out to demand
  • A formal black tie ball for dignitaries and guests

At our production company, we specialise in large-scale live events that capture the spirit of the season. Our team handles every aspect, from booking the Tate Gallery to organising BAFTAs, to contracting talented local musicians and technicians to erect stages, lighting, and sound. We also excel at crowd control and safety, ensuring every event runs smoothly.

Intelligent and Moving Lighting Installations: Hiring A Premier Production Company

Comtec Presentations are here to help and only a phone call away on 0161 370 7772.

Come Christmas time, we’re used to producing and organising parties throughout December. If you’d like to be the talk of the town with your themed event, we’ve got lots of ideas to exchange with you.

We love heartwarming community festivals, the magical tree lighting ceremonies, and the elegant holiday receptions. The best event companies have decades of experience  to know exactly how to spread that Christmas cheer and make everything go off with a sparkle.

Then there’s everyone’s favourite, the people that do all the good in the world? Well, Christmas is a big time for them as you’d probably agree. They host professional events like galas, auctions, and benefit concerts. And guess what? They all need to depend and trust event organisers who own the latest moving lights, the recording and editing software and even their own fleet of vehicles.

Why are charities so important? Because these events are golden opportunities to raise funds. The more impactful the event, the deeper people might dig into their pockets for a good cause. Especially if the raffle prize involves a one-of-a-kind celebrity audience, or an autographed guitar from an infamous and influential musician.

Christmas Best Event Company UK Comtec Presentations Festive Party Planning London Manchester Organisers Corporate Award Ceremony MC

Live Event Management with 40 years experience. Trust and Confidence.

We know and have worked together with a huge range of clients. We cover the UK Nationwide based from our Manchester-based office.

They hire the crème de la crème of event production companies like Comtec to plan for every special occasions like family gatherings, a company milestone, the latest product launch, to charitable events. Why have a regular party when you can have a spectacular event that everyone will remember for years?

By showing appreciation and celebrating community, supporting a cause, or to say goodbye to a key member who is retiring, there are endless reasons why we are hired. Unforgettable events begin with meticulous planning and a very thick book of contacts.

We make all the magic happen, from venue vetting to backstage requests, 3D stage backdrops and livestream editing to providing professional photographers and videographers.

You should try our smart online tool to instantly visualise how you would build your stage.

Best Christmas Live Event Planning Festive Award Ceremonies Concerts UK England London Manchester

Award ceremonies, MC and music hire, catering, staff, Venue Bookings and more

Comtec Presentations offer a core set of services, plus direct communication with our Managing Director 24/7.

As your primary point of contact, Neil has a deep understanding of all aspects of event production, from venue selection to catering to staff management. He’s also an expert in crowd safety, and always laterally and mentally prepared for the unexpected.

  • Event production
  • Reactive to change
  • Set design
  • Audio visual production
  • Lighting production
  • Video production
  • Webcasting
  • Staging
  • Event management
  • Technical support
  • Working with AI visuals
  • Equipment rental
  • Creative services
  • Live Streaming
  • Editing
  • Sideways thinking of solutions

Neil is the Managing Director of Comtec Presentations, and he’s known for his ability to handle any situation that comes his way. He’s always got a Plan B, C, and D, and he’s never afraid to improvise when things don’t go according to plan.

In the rare event of an emergency or unexpected scenario, Neil is the most confident person you could have on your side. He’s decisive and dependable leader, always able to find a solution to any problem.

Here are a few examples of how Neil has demonstrated his problem-solving skills in the past:

Venue cancellation: Neil was once faced with a situation where the venue for an event had to be changed at the last minute due to a fire. Neil was able to quickly find a new venue that was suitable for the event, and he worked tirelessly to ensure that the event went off without a hitch.
Catering catastrophe: On another occasion, the catering company for an event cancelled at the last minute. Neil was able to quickly find a new catering company, and he worked with them to ensure that the food was ready and served on time.
Staffing solutions: Neil has also had to deal with staffing issues in the past. For example, on one occasion, a key member of staff called in sick on the day of an event. Neil was able to quickly find a replacement staff member, and he ensured that the event was still able to run smoothly.

Intelligent Lighting Systems, Moving Lights and Live Music Christmas Performances

In the world of event planning, the visual spectacle can often resonate as powerfully as the main performance. This truth is nowhere more evident than in the realm of intelligent and moving lighting installations. These systems do more than merely light a stage; they create an atmosphere, tell a story, and, most crucially, significantly influence the audience’s mood.

Festive Light Displays

One of the most mesmerising features of the Christmas season is the breathtaking array of light displays that adorn our towns and cities. From sparkling decorations draping houses to large-scale installations in parks and public spaces, winter displays create a warm and festive atmosphere. Our favourite twinkling lights evoke memories of childhood and believing in Santa, providing a backdrop for carols and music, spreading Christmas cheer throughout the community.

Any tree lighting ceremony can be made magical with just a little fog or dry ice and the use of our custom preprogrammed moving lights. Children and families love to witness the magical moment when the towering Christmas tree is illuminated for the first time this season. A little pre-production along with the twinkling lights and shimmering ornaments will create sights and sounds that’s social media worthy.

Christmas and Seasonal Markets

While the allure of intelligent lighting is undeniable, the safety and comfort of stall holders and shoppers are paramount. By adhering to industry standards, we ensure that our installations are safe, avoiding issues like over-illumination or strobes that could affect photosensitive individuals.

Christmas markets are a staple of the holiday season, offering a unique opportunity for small businesses to gather together, supporting other small companies, and experience the magic of Christmas shopping. These bustling markets feature an assortment of stalls selling handmade crafts, delectable treats, and unique gifts, allowing visitors to find something for everyone on their list. The atmosphere is filled with the aroma of spiced cider, roasted chestnuts, and the sound of carollers, making it an immersive and unforgettable experience.

Live Performances and Carols

In today’s digital age, events are no longer confined to the physical space. With the advent of live online broadcasting, the reach of your event can be global. Intelligent lighting systems play a crucial role in this integration, ensuring that your virtual audience’s visual experience mirrors that of in-person attendees. Through meticulous planning, we can create lighting that looks as stunning on screen as it does outside or in a covered venue.

One of the best ways to immerse yourself in the Christmas spirit is by attending live performances and carol concerts. Most of these events are now supported by professional Live Event Houses, helping Local theatres and churches to organise festive productions, showcasing talented actors, musicians, and choirs. These heartwarming performances bring cherished tales to life, transport you into a world of make-believe, and create memories that will last a lifetime. Singing along to traditional carols can also evoke a sense of togetherness, reminding us of the true meaning of Christmas.

Community Parades and Festivals

When it comes to community spirit, few events can rival the joy and excitement of Christmas parades and festivals. From the iconic arrival of Santa Claus, waving atop a brilliantly adorned float, to lively music, dazzling costumes, and the laughter of children, these parades ignite a sense of wonder and anticipation. The local streets come alive with energy as families, friends, and neighbours gather to witness the magic unfold, forging bonds and creating traditions that span generations.

When it comes to live performances, intelligent lighting is a component of storytelling. Moving lights amplify dramatic tension, enhance the beat of music, or add depth to a quiet moment. Both types of lighting systems together with their ability to sync with music and change with the scene, become an integral part of all performances, evolving any venue into a fully immersive experience.