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It has been six months since winning a place on the Business Link North West roster and we celebrated by adding Business Link Yorkshire to our client list. Business Link is a government. 

initiative that strives to help businesses with advice and events held to assist small to medium businesses grow.

Appointment to the roster is a boost for the company and reaffirms our successes in 2009.

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golden · January 11, 2023 at 12:37 pm

Dear Martina,I don’t accuse Tacheles e.V. of being fascist, but of employing sloppy wording, which can be read in a way that shows a very problematic understanding of art. This whole conflict has nothing to do with the question wether what is going on in the back yard of Tacheles has anything to do with art. I think the statement on the flyer is counter productive for your case, that’s all. Anyway, thanks for leaving a comment.

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